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Check the Phone is different. Our specialized phone research process goes further and frequently enables us to discover who is using the phone that called you... whether the person is the registered owner of the phone number or someone else. They are not always the same.

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We will perform exhaustive research services to determine the name of the debt collector, corporation, person, or entity using a phone number. Information that is available can include name, gender, address, location, phone carrier and line type. We can tell you instantly which data points are available.
If you are unsure about the full investigation, please try the FREE Caller ID check that can help determine if the information is available.

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This will return the Caller ID of the phone number if it can be found and nothing else. This information is instantly available if it is found and reports will be sent within 15 minutes.

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Caller ID Only option is non-refundable and any result will be charged. Be aware that a valid Caller ID can sometimes be "FLORIDA" or "WIRELESS CALLER".

Our research process works for both cell phone
and land line telephone numbers.

Sample Phone Analysis Results

These are real reports for previous customers. The numbers and names in the reports above are masked for our customer's privacy.

City list for phone numbers 2xx through 9xx

Area codes 200 through 299
Covering cities around Owensboro, Champaign, Seattle, Boise City, Cleveland, London, Waukegan, Danville, Dallas, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Mobile, Albany, Akron, Pontiac, Gary, Nassau, Sault Ste. Marie, Bethesda, Tacoma, St. John's, Winnipeg, Road Town, Mississauga, Biloxi, Hamilton, Bridgetown, Portland, Los Angeles, Grant, Fort Wayne, Duluth, Washington, Houston, Birmingham, Kenosha, Otsego, Bridgeport, Stockton, Cape Coral, New York City, Victoria, Rocky Mount, Baton Rouge, Jersey City, Huntsville within KY, IL, WA, ID, OH, Ontario, VA, TX, PA, AL, GA, MI, IN, Bahamas, MD, Antigua/Barbuda, Manitoba, British Virgin Islands, MS, Barbados, ME, CA, MN, DC, WI, Anguilla, CT, FL, NY, British Columbia, NC, LA, NJ
Area codes 300 through 399
For cities near Laramie, Daytona Beach, Charlotte Amalie, Saskatoon, Brooklyn, Lowell, Los Angeles, Shreveport, Indianapolis, Rock Island, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Greensboro, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Abilene, Bellingham, Corpus Christi, Gainesville, Montgomery, Syracuse, George Town, Lynn, Cedar Rapids, St Louis, Dearborn, Kearney, Akron, Denver, Wichita, Miami, Aurora, Wilmington, Chicago, Ottawa, Lafayette, Charleston inside WY, FL, USVI, Saskatchewan, NY, MA, CA, LA, IN, IL, MD, MN, NC, UT, TX, WA, AL, Cayman Islands, IA, MO, MI, NE, OH, CO, KS, DE, Ontario, WV
Area codes 400 through 499
Covering cities around Billings, Escondido, San Jose, St. George's, Quebec City, Bellevue, Tyler, Baltimore, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Eugene, Chicopee, Providence, Bethlehem, Milwaukee, Bridgeport, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Terrebone, St. George, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Montreal, Toledo, Springfield, Santa Monica, Toronto, San Francisco, Odessa, Macon, Lynchburg, Chattanooga, Galveston, Fort Smith, Cleveland, Pembroke, NANP Inbound Call Routing, Omaha within MT, CA, Grenada, Quebec, WA, TX, MD, FL, GA, OR, MA, RI, PA, WI, CT, Alberta, UT, AZ, OK, OH, MO, Ontario, VA, TN, AR, Bermuda, NANP area, NE
Area codes 500 through 599
For cities around West Palm Beach, Davenport, Eau Claire, Scranton, South Bend, Terrebone, Roanoke, Warren, Tucson, Austin, Lansing, Albuquerque, Arlington, Jersey City, Eugene, Lawton, Oakland, Spokane, Personal Communication Services, Little Rock, Albany, Cincinnati, Calgary, St. John, Montreal, Columbia, London, Toledo, Redding, Las Cruces, Mankato, Louisville, Worcester, Fresno, Portland, Rochester, Long Beach, New Orleans, Quebec City, Hempstead inside FL, IA, WI, PA, NE, IN, Quebec, VA, MI, AZ, TX, NM, OK, NJ, OR, NANP Area, CA, WA, AR, NY, OH, Alberta, New Brunswick, MO, Ontario, MN, KY, MA, LA
Area codes 600 through 699
Covering cities near Dodge City, Ashland, Starkville, Tamuning, Atlantic City, Brades Estate, Brentwood, Alton, Providenciales, Jackson, Phoenix, Toronto, Baltimore, San Diego, Tafuna, Marshall, Atlanta, Naperville, Bethlehem, Daly City, Mason City, Columbus, Sioux Falls, Charleston, Manchester, Nashville, Pomona, Boston, Anaheim, Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Charles, Saipan, Madison, Fort Worth, New York City, Ottawa, Elmira, Grand Rapids, Vancouver, Santa Clarita within KS, KY, MS, AL, GU, NJ, Montserrat, NY, IL, Turks & Caicos Islands, AZ, Ontario, MD, CA, AS, MO, GA, PA, IA, OH, SD, WV, NH, TN, MA, MN, CNMI, WI, TX, MI, British Columbia
Area codes 700 through 799
For cities around Pueblo, Houston, Eau Claire, St. John's, Edmonton, Roseau, Plymouth, Worcester, Ann Arbor, Kingstown, Jackson, Charlotte, Sioux City, Vancouver, Burbank, Niagara Falls, San Diego, Lynn, Augusta, Las Vegas, Santa Rosa, Arlington, St Petersburg, San Juan, Edison, Anaheim, Denver, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Lafayette, Virginia Beach, Marigot, Lancaster, Topeka, Castries, Rockford, Port St Lucie, Fargo, Cicero, Miami, Brooklyn, New Castle, Sault Ste. Marie inside CO, TX, WI, Newfoundland, Alberta, Dominica, MN, MA, MI, St. Vincent & Grenadines, MS, NC, IA, British Columbia, CA, NY, GA, NV, VA, FL, Puerto Rico, NJ, IL, IN, TN, Sint Maarten, PA, KS, St. Lucia, ND, OH, Ontario
Area codes 800 through 899
Covering cities around Santo Domingo, Fort Worth, Newark, San Diego, Burbank, Kingston, Tampa, Boston, Waukegan, Honolulu, Toll Free Service, Lubbock, Erie, Chicago, Thunber Bay, Salinas, Kansas City, Tallahassee, Knoxville, Lakeland, Flint, Medina, Camden, Columbia, Yellowknife, Richmond, Hartford, Salt Lake City, Brattleboro, Greenville, Gatineau, Chaguanas, Charleston, Rockford, Jonesboro, Pittsburgh, Evansville, Santa Barbara, Edison, Asheville, Lexington, Houston, Basseterre within Dominican Republic, TX, NJ, CA, Jamaica, FL, MA, IL, HI, NANP area, PA, Ontario, MO, TN, MI, SC, Yukon, NW Terr., Nunavut, VA, CT, UT, VT, NY, Quebec, Trinidad & Tobago, AR, IN, NC, KY, St. Kitts & Nevis
Area codes 900 through 999
For cities near Riverside, Sault Ste Marie, Denton, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Bloomington, Sacramento, Laredo, Hammond, Anchorage, Concord, Sarasota, Portland, New York City, Saginaw, Kansas City, Dallas, Raleigh, Yonkers, Yuma, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Dayton, Tulsa, Fayetteville, El Paso, Savannah, Troy, Clarksville, Mississauga, Fort Lauderdale, Memphis, Grand Junction, Newark, Halifax, Bryan, Tyler, San Juan, Irvine, Anaheim, Green Bay, Lowell inside NY, CA, MI, TX, FL, MN, LA, AK, OR, AL, KS, NC, AZ, NJ, OH, CT, OK, GA, TN, Ontario, CO, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Puerto Rico, WI, MA

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